Fantasy Football Week 4 Leaders

QB  : Andrew Luck 393yards,  4 TDs

RB  : Jamal  Charles 92yards 1 TD, 3rec, 16yards,  2 TDs

WR : Steve Smith 7rec, 139yards,  2TDs

TE  : Larry Donnell 7rec, 54yards , 3TDs

K : Blair Walsh 4 Field Goals, 3 PATs

Defense : Philadelphia Eagles 26pts allowed, 4 sacks, 1INT, 1Block Punt, 3 TDs


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Fantasy Football Week 3 Stat Leaders

QB : Kirk Cousins 427yards, 3 TD’s

RB : Rashad Jennings 176yards, 1 TD

WR : Pierre Garcon 11rec, 138yards, 1 TD

TE : Jared Cook 7rec, 75yards

DEFENSE : Atlanta Falcons 1 TD, 1 Return TD, 4Fumble Recovery, Fum Recovery TD, 1 INT, 3 sacks, 8 points allowed

K : Adam Vinatieri 5 PAT, 2 40-49yard FG, 1 20-29yard FG

Fantasy Football Week 2 Leaders

QB : Aaron Rodgers 346yards, 3TD’s

RB : Darren Sproles 7rec, 152 yards & 26yards, 1TD

WR : Jordy Nelson 9rec, 209yards, 1TD

TE : Antonio Gates 7rec, 76yards, 3 TD’s

DEFENSE : New England Patriots 1TD, 4 INT, 6 sacks, 7 points allowed

K : Dan Bailey 2 PAT, 1 50+yard FG, 3 40-49yard FG


Fantasy Football 2014

I had my draft already. I had the #5 pick and was able to get LeSean McCoy. If you get a RB that slides that is as good as LeSean McCoy, you draft him. Period.

Overview : Really, no matter what pick you have, you’re able to have a great draft. As I always say, you need to dictate what you do by what the others are doing. If all your opponents are drafting QB’s in the first-round, then adjust. If they are taking DEF’s in early rounds 4-6, then adjust. Be ready to adjust. But, stick the your instincts for players you like this season. Stick to ‘your guys’. If you have some of your favorite players available down the stretch and already have their positions filled, draft your guys. 

 QB’s : QB’s get the most yards in a game. Draft a guy who gets the yardage (Manning, Rodgers) and gets the ball in the End Zone. More obvious, get a QB who has weapons. If possible, grab the best in the business (Brees, Brady) to leave no room for error. Backup QB’s can be used a trade bait, bye weeks, or god forbid your #1 Qb goes down to injury. 

RB’s : More and more leagues are becoming PPR. With that said, pick a RB as early as possible, and pick a guy who can catch out of the backfield (McCoy, Forte). With the Receptions and Receiving Yards you get a top-tier RB who can rack up Rushing Yards and Rushing TD’s as well. Later on in the draft, look for the backs who can possibly have breakout seasons (Sankey, B. Tate)

WR’s : Get the athletes. Try to stay young, and get the guys with size. These are the guys who create space and can catch balls in double coverage. Guys with speed are great for long yardage, touchdowns, but depending on the team they’re on, might hurt you in PPR by only catching a few balls per game. Look around, maybe you can get one or two #1 WR’s. 

TE’s : If you aren’t able to get Julius Thomas or Jimmy Graham, wait. Nobody else is going to draft Kyle Rudolph early, and nobody wants Jason Witten before the fill up other roster spots. Unless you’re looking for the best or second best guy at his position, then it’s best to wait and stack up. Make your team great at WR or RB before taking the second-tier Tight End.

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