NFL Week 3 : Reality Goes Heads Up with Fantasy

First and foremost, congratulations to all Dallas Cowboys fans and supporters across the country and here in California. Much needed Win, and we did it on the road against a 2-0 team, the Houston Texans. Well done, Good fought battle and in the words of Dez Bryant, “THAT’s Cowboys Football!” Next Sunday, we will be taking our Bye Week. After that, right back at it at Home against the Tennessee Titans. We could NOT have done this without our workhorse in Marion Barber. Our defense finally had 3 Takeaways (the first 3 of the season) and Roy E Williams had his breakout game with The Boys after 2 seasons. Everything clicked, so watch out, cause the BOYS are Back!!

Roy E Williams : 5 Catches, 117 Yards, 2 TDs

The biggest story all over ESPN and Sports media outlets, has gotta be MIKE VICK. This guy has been..excuse me,  but he has been killin’ it since he came back into the NFL as a starter. Anybody who has this guy in Fantasy should be 2-0 the past 2 weeks, hands down. I hate the Eagles, a lot. I’d be the first person NOT to want to face Michael Vick. I have faith in our Defense, but this guy is on fire right now. As far as the NY Giants, they’ve lost 2 in a row and can’t stop anybody on Defense. Not worried about them. The Redskins on the other hand, are so up and down every year that I thought this was the season where they would be contending (McNabb, Haynesworth, RB’s, Shanahan) but I guess I was wrong on that one, oh well. “Redskins…Fuck Them!”

Everyday Redskins Fan....Repulsive

Obvious Picks : Here in Week 3, it’s obvious that we still have Powerhouses and we have teams like the 49ers. So, for me the obvious picks were New England, The Bengals, and Indianapolis. Colts Defense has been really strong this season (except Week 1 Fluke) and I have faith in them to play well throughout the season. And of course, The Ravens over the Browns. Offense/Defense the whole package in Baltimore. The Patriots had just another day at the Office for Randy Moss, not even needing production from Welker to get the Win against the struggling Buffalo Bills (0-3). The Bengals were the for sure pick here simply because of the high powered Offense that I thought would take this game over, they didn’t and neither did Carson Palmer. It was Cedric Benson who won this game for Cincy, and Im OK with that. Next week will be more difficult to pick the obvious winners because there are more divisional opponents playing each other; always fun.

Upset Games of the Week :Seattle over Chargers. Ok, so I guess I wasright, the San Diego Chargers game on MNF WAS not a Fluke. This team has a serious problem on there hands. Actually, they have a few problems. They miss LT, Marcus McNeil, and Vincent Jackson. Big playmakers, HUGE matchup problems for opponents. Without that, the Chargers are FLAT! No run game (Ryan Mathews hurt, Mike Tolbert not stepping up). AFC West is now up for grabs and the KC Chiefs are 3-0. The 49ers WAS NOT  an upset by Kansas City, the Chiefs are scoring high amount of points and beat the Chargers, Browns, and SF. They’re the real deal if you ask me, and I can’t wait for them to face more credible teams. Atlanta Falcons game over the Champion Saints. Believe it or not, I picked ATL to win this game so, I can’t classify that as an upset.

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