#LUNCHLINE 01.01.2017

@drische’s  & @JaySev’s #LUNCHLINELEADERS for the first week of 2017.

Mon Jan 02 DeAndre Jordan 9pts, 20 reb, 3blk, 2ast

Mon Jan 02 Jalen Ross, Hartford 31pts, 9reb, 7ast 12/16FGs, 6/7-3pt, 11/11FTs

Tue Jan 03 Darren Collison 26pts, 7ast, 2reb, 2stl

Tue Jan 03 Kennedy Meeks, UNC 14pts, 16reb, 4ast, 2stl, 2blk

Wed Jan 04 Tyler Johnson 23pts, 6reb, 2ast, 2blk 7/11FGs, 2/4-3pt, 7/9FTs

Wed Jan 04 Cullen Russo, Fresno State 18 pos, 6reb, 4stl

Thu Jan 05 James Harden 26pts, 12ast, 8reb, stl/blk

Thu Jan 05 Ivan Rabb, Cal 17pts, 20reb, ast/stl/blk

Fri Jan 06 Zach Randolph 27pts, 11reb, 6ast 12/17FGs, 1/1-3pt, 2/2FTs

Fri Jan 06 Alec Peters, Valpo 20pts, 11 reb, 4ast

Sat Jan 07 Jimmy Butler 42pts, 10reb, 5ast, 3stl, 10/25FGs, 4/8-3pt, 18/20FTs

Sat Jan 07 Jayson Tatum, Duke 22pts, 6reb, 4stl, 3ast, 2blk



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