@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINELEADERS for the beginning of FEBRUARY 2017.  The players below are from games played Wednesday, February 01 to Friday, February 10. 

Wed Feb 01 Caleb Swanigan, Stats N/A

Thu Feb 02 Chris Chiozza, Stats N/A

Fri Feb 03 Blake Hamilton, Univ. of Buffalo, 9/15FGs, 2/5-3PT, 5/7FTs 25pts, 8ast, 4reb

Sat Feb 04 Frank Mason III 9/11FGs, 32pts, 6reb, 5ast, stl.

Sun Feb 05 Dwayne Bacon 10/14FGs, 29pts, 3reb, 2ast, 0 PF’s

Mon Feb 06 Donovan Mitchell 16pts, 4reb, 4stl, 3ast

Tue Feb 07 D’Aaron Fox, 7/13FGs, 16pts, 6ast, 4reb, 3stl

Wed Feb 08 Hayden Dalton, 7/15FGs, 21pts, 20reb, 5ast, 2blk (4OT Win, 102-101)

Thu Feb 09 Jordan Bell 9pts, 15reb, 3ast, 3stl

Fri Feb 10 Joe Rahon, St. Mary’s (CA) 9pts, 8reb, 6ast, 2stl


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