The End of 2017 Regular Season #NBA #LUNCHLINE

@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINE Leaders from the last two weeks in the NBA’s 2016-17 regular season. From April 01 to April 12, these are the players selected who were clutch in April 2017 leading up the post-season.

SAT APRIL 01 Chris Paul 29pts, 12ast, 4reb, 1stl

SUN APRIL 02 al-Farouq Aminu 29pts, 4ast, 3reb, 4stl

MON APRIL 03 Kemba Walker 20pts, 7reb, 5ast, 3blk

TUE APRIL 04 Anthony Davis 41pts, 5reb, 4blk, 1stl

WED APRIL 05 LeBron James 36pts, 10reb, 6ast, 2blk

THU APRIL 06 Paul George 23pts, 10reb, 4stl, 1ast

FRI APRIL 07 LeBron James 27pts, 7ast, 5reb, 2stl

FRI APRIL 07 Jamal Murray 30pts, 5ast, 4reb, 2stl

FRI APRIL 07 Gordon Hayward 39pts, 5ast, 3reb, 2stl

SAT APRIL 08 Paul George 37pts, 7reb, 6ast,

SUN APRIL 09 LeBron James 32pts, 16reb, 10ast, 1stl

MON APRIL 10 Deron Williams 35pts, 9ast, 7reb, 1stl

TUE APRIL 11 Gary Harris 20pts, 8reb, 8ast, 1stl

TUE APRIL 11 Ty Lawson 22pts, 11reb, 12ast, 1stl

TUE APRIL 11 Gorgui Dieng 19pts, 8reb, 3ast, 2stl, 1blk

WED APRIL 12 Larry Nance, Jr. 13pts, 11reb, 2ast, 3stl, 1blk

WED APRIL 12 Jimmy Butler 20pts, 9reb, 2ast, 1stl


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