@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINE LEADERS for the month of madness during The 19th and The 28th. The NBA players who play a level above the collegiate players all season long.

MAR 19 Karl Anthony Towns 33pts, 6reb, 2ast. 1stl 

MAR 20 James Harden 39pts, 11ast, 7rb, 4stl 

MAR 21 DeMar DeRozan 42pts, 8ast, 7reb, 2stl

MAR 22 G. Antetokounmpo 32pts, 14reb, 5ast, 2stl, 2blk

MAR 23 Kristaps Porzingis 18pts, 9reb, 3blk, 1ast, 1stl

MAR 24 Devin Booker 70pts, 8reb, 6ast, 3blk, 1stl

MAR 25 Jamal Crawford 28pts, 3ast, 2reb, 

MAR 26 Trevor Ariza 24pts, 6reb, 6ast, 3stl

MAR 27 Russell Westbrook 37pts, 13reb, 10ast, 2stl

MAR 28 Jason Savagery 17pts, 9ast, 4reb, 4stl 

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#NCAATournament #MVP #Brackets

@JaySev’s NCAA Tournament MVP’s from each region, with the FINAL FOUR set, the regional champions will face-off to see who will matchup in the National Championship.


WEST: Trevon Blueitt, #11 Xavier def. #6 Maryland, #3 Florida State, #2 Arizona


EAST: Sindarious Thornwell, #7 South Carolina def. #10 Marquette, #2 Duke, #3 Baylor, #4 Floirda


MIDWEST: Tyler Dorsey, #2 Oregon def. #14 Iona, #11 Rhode Island, #7 Michigan, #1 Kansas


SOUTH: DeAaron Fox, #2 Kentucky def. #15 Northern Kentucky, #10 Wichita State, #3 UCLA

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#NCAATournament #Elite8

@JaySev’s stat-leaders for the NCAA Tournament’s Elite 8 Games. I selected one player from each matchup. So, with 8 teams playing, 4 slots were available and up-for-grabs to see who can dominate and lead their team to the FINAL FOUR.

Kennedy Meeks, UNC; 17reb, 7pts, 4blk, 2ast, 1stl

Sindarius Thornwell, South Carolina; 26pts, 7reb, 2stl, 1ast

Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga; 23pts, 8reb, 4ast, 2stl, 1blk

Jordan Bell, Oregon; 13reb, 11pts, 8blk, 4ast

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#NCAATournament #Sweet16 

Trevon Blueitt 25pts, 2reb, 2ast, 1stl

Kevaughn Allen 35pts, 9/10FTs, ast/stl/reb

Sindarius Thornwell 24pts, 6reb, 3ast, 2stl

Justin Jackson 24pts, 5reb, 5ast

DeAaron Fox 39pts, 4ast, 3reb, 2stl 

Jordan Bell 16pts, 13reb, 2blk, ast/stl 

Jevon Carter 21pts, 7reb, 1stl, 1blk

Frank Mason III 26pts, 7reb, 7ast, 1stl 

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#NCAATournament Round2

@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINE leaders from the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

SOUTH Region – Round 2

Justin Jackson, UNC 15pts, 8reb, 5ast, 5stl

Lonzo Ball, UCLA 18pts, 9ast, 7reb, 2stl

WEST Region – Round 2

TreVon Blueitt, Xavier 8/14FGs, 3/5-3PT, 29pts, 6reb, 3ast 

Bryant McIntosh, Northwestern 20pts, 7ast, 3reb, 2stl

Lauri Markkanen, Arizona 16pts, 11reb, 2blk, 1stl 

EAST Region – Round 2 

Ethan Happ, Wisconsin 12 pts, 8reb, 3ast, 2stl, 2blk

Florida Forward Devin Robinson,14pts, 11 reb 

Florida Forward Justin Leon, 14pts, 10reb

MIDWEST Region – Round 2

Tyler Dorsey, Oregon 27pts, 5reb, 3ast, 1stl

Josh Jackson, Kansas 23pts, 3reb, 2blk, 2stl

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#NCAATournament Round 1

@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINE leaders from the opening round of the 2017 NCAA TOURNAMENT. Two players from each region were selected. 


Bronson Koenig; 8/17-3PT, 28pts, 3ast, 3reb

#9 Wisconsin DEF. #8 Virginia Tech

Jayson Tatum; 18pts, 12reb, 4stl, 4blk, 1ast

#2 Duke DEF. #15 Troy


Norbertas Giga; 11/13FGs, 5/5-3PT, 30pts, ast  

#2 Louisville DEF. #15 Jacksonville State 

Derrick Walton, Jr; 26pts, 11ast, 5reb, 2stl

#7 Michigan DEF. #10 Oklahoma State 


Moses Kingsley; 10/13FGs, 23pts, 6reb, 4blk

#8 Arkansas DEF. #9 Seton Hall

Edebam Adebayo; 18reb, 15pts, 1ast, 1blk 

#2 Kentucky DEF. #15 Northern Kentucky 


Jonathan Isaac; 17pts, 10reb, 5ast, 3blk, 2stl

#3 Florida State DEF. #14 FGCU

JeQuan Lewis; 12/28FGs, 30pts, 2ast/blk, 1reb 

#7 Saint Mary’s DEF. #10 VCU

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@JaySev’s #LUNCHLINE leaders from the dog days of March, post All-Star break in the NBA. These players are the stat leaders from March 08, 2017 to March 18, 2017.

Wed March 08 John Wall 12/19FGs, 30pts, 10ast, 3reb, 1stl

Thu March 09 Robert Convington 10/21FGs, 4/8-3PT, 24pts, 13reb, 2ast, 2stl, 1blk

Fri March 10 Marvin Williams 18reb, 12pts, 7ast, 1blk

Sat March 11 DeAndre Jordan 20reb, 19pts, 4ast, 3blk, 1stl

Sun March 12 Jordan Clarkson 10/16FGs, 30pts, 8ast, 6reb, 1stl, 1blk

Mon March 13 Chris Paul 33pts, 7ast, 6reb, 1stl

Tue March 14 LeBron James 16pts, 12reb, 11ast 

Wed March 15 Anthony Davis 27pts, 8reb, 3stl, 3blk, 1ast

Thu March 16 Nikola Jokic 17pts, 14reb, 11ast

Fri March 17 Goran Dragic 19pts, 10ast, 5reb, 3stl

Sat March 18 Jimmy Butler 23pts, 7ast, 4reb, 3stl, 2blk

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